Shenzhen Metro Line 2 Phase 3 Liantang Station Station After the reentry line Minshan Law Tunnel Right Line First branch successfully through

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On August 28th, after 520 days of hard work, the first branch of the right line of the Minshan Law Tunnel was successfully completed after the station of the Liantang Station on the 2131 standard section of the Shenzhen Metro Line 2.

The third phase of the Shenzhen Metro Line 2 project starts from the rookie station of Line 2 in the West and ends at Liantang Station. The line is 3.8 kilometers long. It is laid underground and has 3 stations. It was officially started in May 2016 and is expected to open at the end of 2020.

After the completion of the Liantang Station, the reentry line starts at the eastern end of Liantang Station on Metro Line 2 and ends at Wutongshan South Station at the starting point of Metro Line 8. The total length of the underground tunnel is 307.2 meters and passes 44.55 meters deep. The construction shaft connects the surface. Artificial cooperation with mechanical excavation method and digital blasting method are used for construction.

 The difficulty of tunnel construction is reflected in the following: poor engineering Geological conditions and complex strata; The surrounding buildings are dense and the operating space is narrow. All materials in the tunnel must be transported vertically through 28 square meters of wellhead truss. In addition, the municipal environment is complex, and the tunnel mainly passes through Guowei Road and three intersections with large traffic flow.

The construction of the fence pile began in November 2016. The relevant construction units overcame many difficulties and played the spirit of artisans. Eventually, the right line was completed on August 28, 2018.

The completion of the right-line tunnel means that the turnaround line of Liantang Station will begin to enter the main lining construction stage and lay a solid foundation for the high quality completion of the construction target.