Hefei Sili River Waterway Souring Project


1, the name of the project: Hefei Luyang District, Sili River ecological restoration project(river mud dredging project)
2, the project location: Hefei Luyang District 
3, Project Overview: This project is an ecological restoration project for the Sili River(North Second Ring Road-Nanluo River into the estuary) in Fuyang District, Hefei City(dredging project for the bottom of the river). The length of the river is about 5.284 kilometers, and the amount of dredging is about 62,800 square meters; The main contents of the construction are environmental protection, dredging, sludge drying and so on. After the implementation of the project, the water quality of the Shili River can be upgraded from the current inferior category 5 to the landscape water quality standard.
Equipment provider and equipment name: Shanghai Tianyi Industrial Co., Ltd.. Mud separation equipment. 
Device diagram: