Electronics Co., Ltd. Wuxi Tripod Case sewage and wastewater treatment


    Waste water treatment project of Wuxi jianding Electronics Co., Ltd.

    The case is located in the Jianding Electronics Plant. The wastewater from the original PCB board production line after acid and alkali etching is concentrated in the underground collection tank. The original equipment is not effective. This project will use new technology and pressure filtration equipment to expand production capacity. Improve efficiency at the same time.


    This case is a total package project provided by the owner. Tianhao is responsible for the design, procurement, and construction of the project. The total contract value is 1,629,450 yuan, covering civil engineering, steel structure engineering, hydropower pipeline engineering, and equipment installation projects. In the project, the owner's plan has been constantly changed, some equipment has been delayed, and the construction period has been tight. It took two months and was successfully delivered to the owner to put into production, which has won the unanimous praise of the owner.

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