High efficiency and energy saving membrane filter press


    As a solid-liquid separation equipment, filter press has a long history of application in industrial production, it has a good separation effect, wide adaptability, especially for the separation of sticky and fine materials, it has its unique advantages.

    HXAG500-1600-U type is the filter press specially used by Shanghai tianhao for solid-liquid treatment of shield tunnel. The waste slurry produced by the MTP separation system enters into filter press system, and the muck cake moisture content is about 25-30% after fully filtered by the filter press. It can be directly transported and discharged, without secondary pollution, so as to achieve the environmental requirements of "energy saving and emission reduction".

    The advantages of each component of the filter press

    1、It is the latest technology to adopt multi-time rapid taking plate system, which divides the panel and filter plate into several groups. Each group of filter plate is connected with a special chain of filter plate, and the track groove wheel is used for positioning.

    2、Due to the integrated design of the hydraulic system, the hydraulic station is more compact than the three-time pull-off type filter press, with significant energy saving effect.

    3、Equipment maintenance cost is low: this machine does not have the moving cylinder system of three-time pull-off type filter press , hydraulic system is relatively simple, the equipment runs steadily.

    4、The use of reinforced frame, longer service life.

    5、Van filter plate is an important filter element in the filter press, product quality directly affects the production efficiency.